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Heating Oil Supplier & Home Heating Oil Delivery

At HOP Energy, we leverage the region’s largest network of oil suppliers and storage facilities, giving our customers the freedom to access a reliable supply of home heating fuel oil at competitive prices. That means more time staying warm with those you love.

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On-Demand Heating Oil

As Northeast locals, we know how scary it can be to run out of oil when you need it most. That’s why our electronic usage monitoring and automated heating oil delivery system ensures that you never have to stress about running out of fuel oil again.

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24/7 365 Days

Need help ASAP? Our highly experienced heating oil technicians are available 365 days a year to keep your home warm and comfortable, including on-demand customer emergency service.

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Competitive, Low-Cost Heating Oil Pricing

With our flexible payment options, special financing, and budget plans, you can find the plan that meets your needs and budget.

Home Heating Oil

Your Trusted Full-Service Energy Supplier

No matter what your energy needs look like, our team is here to help. Connect with us to find custom-tailored solutions today.

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Here’s what’s made HOP Energy the Northeast’s leading heating oil supplier for more than two decades:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to your questions regarding heating oil delivery costs, HOP Energy, and our branches.

Residential heating oil is a safe, efficient, and environmentally-responsible petroleum product used for heating a home. Heating oil is commonly delivered by truck to residential storage tanks, where it is used in boilers, furnaces, and water heaters. Specifically, heating oil is Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, a product with a sulfur content of fewer than 15 parts per million (ppm) – as opposed to 4,000 ppm of traditional oil.

Typically, you can store heating oil up to a year before it goes bad. Water and biological growth are two of the biggest threats to heating oil. If you plan to store heating oil for longer than a year, there are additives you can use to prolong the product’s life.

Consult your furnace, stove, boiler, or water heater’s factory-recommended specifications to learn the type of heating oil required for your system. You can also contact a local HOP Energy location to consult with a service technician. However, #2 Fuel Oil (or a blend) is the most widely used for home heating.

Heating oil freezes at around 16 degrees Fahrenheit. While the Northeast certainly experiences cold temperatures, preventative measures can ensure your heating oil doesn’t reach its freezing point.

Yes, heating oil can run a diesel engine. However, it is illegal to use home heating oil for such a purpose.

Home heating oil is dyed red, which means it can be purchased at a reduced tax rate. However, on-road vehicles must only use clear diesel fuels. You could be charged a fine if caught using improper fuel in your vehicle.

Heating oil fumes can be dangerous and may signal a serious problem with your oil burner. If your home fuel oil heating system malfunctions, it will produce clear warning signs like smoke, odors, or soot before releasing carbon monoxide, unlike other fuels, which provide no warning of the gas.

While instances of oil heating system-induced carbon monoxide poisoning are rare, installing a carbon monoxide detector will give you peace of mind.

Ultra Low-Sulfur Diesel has virtually no smell. However, you may smell heating oil the first time you turn your system on each winter. If everything is operating correctly, the odor should go away quickly.

No. 2 heating oil is commonly used as home heating oil. This product is blended to make it less viscous and, thus, easier on a furnace or boiler. No. 2 heating oil is dyed red to indicate that it is intended to be used as a residential heating fuel, which is charged at a lower tax rate than the fuel used for other diesel engines.

Heating oil is a combustible fuel, so it must be in a vapor form (around 140 degrees Fahrenheit) to light. The vaporizing nozzle of your heating oil furnace turns diesel into an easily ignitable vapor mist.

If you use HOP Energy’s heating oil delivery service, you don’t have to worry about when it is time to order more. That’s because HOP Energy monitors your usage and local weather forecast to determine when you will need an additional heating oil delivery.

However, if it is up to you as the homeowner to determine when you need more heating oil, it is recommended that you never let your tank get below the one-eighth-full-mark during the heating season.

The vapor point for heating oil is around 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that if you spill heating oil, it will not evaporate. However, you can clean up a heating oil or diesel spill with dish soap and water.

Oil heating has its advantages over gas heating. Oil heating systems tend to provide higher BTU's, making them more efficient in terms of heating capacity. Additionally, oil prices can be more stable compared to the fluctuating nature of gas prices? If you prioritize higher heat output and price stability, oil heating may be the preferable option for you.

It is recommended to buy oil for heating before the winter season or when prices are historically lower. Purchasing oil in advance allows you to avoid potential price spikes during peak demand periods. Keep an eye on market trends and consider buying oil during the off-peak season to potentially save on costs.

Customer Reviews

I had my boiler serviced. Gerard did a thorough job bringing my boiler to 84% efficiency. Not bad for a 20 year old unit! He also spotted a problem, before it becomes an emergency. Knowledgeable and professional, who can ask for more.
Clifford FitzGerald
I've been a long time customer of HOP and have always had courteous and timely services. Today was no different, Mary Ann F, was able to schedule service for my heater and accommodate my schedule.
James Messina
The technician was courteous & efficient The texts & phone calls before arrival & when the service call was completed were all very helpful.
John Calefato 
Very prompt in delivering heating oil! Thank you very much!
Mark Stevens